The Graduation Ceremony is held annually to celebrate the conferring of Post graduate MBA certificates. Each year, the MBA degrees are conferred by an eminent guest of honor to make the event a memorable one. The parents of the new graduates, the alumni and the well wishers of GSB are invited to witness the ceremony.

The induction progarmme organized at GSB to bring in students support, guidance and introduce them to new learning environment through adaptation and accommodation dexterity. As the graduates walk in to become a GSB-ian, they are welcomed with open hands and smiling faces. It is the day when we proclaim the unity as members of the same family and they go through a period of rapid change. They are also taken through different sessions to get acquainted with the art of goal setting, encouraged to get involved in the building of friendships and support and to begin a self-directed and reflective approach to learning, Breaking the ice and making them feel to be part of the GSB-ian team.

Is the career day of GSB organised by PLACECOMM, the Placement Cell of GSB. This day marks the unveiling of the Placement Brochure of the Final year students. On this occasion, Corporate Leaders and Industry wizards enlighten the students on the Industry’s expectations and challenges awaiting them in the corporate world.

A weekly event where experts from diverse fields address the students, to discuss and debate ideas and share their knowledge and experience. It is an event aimed at stirring up the students to plunge into action

Cerebral Connect is a venue where the best brains in the   industry meet. Industry Icons, CEOs and Vice Presidents address the budding managers to equip them with contemporary requirements of the corporate world.

In honoring the man whose vision has culminated in the birth of Gnanam School of Business, A.Y.S Parisutha Nadar Memorial Lecture is organized wherein the management gurus would unfold their management feats.

A battlefield where the professionals of tomorrow meet each other. Management students from different parts of the country come together for this Annual Management Fest. The future experts in Marketing, Operations, Finance, HR and Systems find a spirited environment to hone their skills at GSB.

Mind Storm is an intellectual gathering of astute professionals and industry doyens from diverse industries in India. Men and women of various professions present white papers on research findings from different viewpoints.


Coffee Table Talk is a premiere flagship event organized by GSB twice in a year, one during March-April and another September – October. A leading and successful entrepreneursh is invited to share his experience and acument in live through a coffee table interaction at the GSB campus. To name a few, Shri. S. Muthuraman, Founder & CEO, Lakshmi Ceramics, Shri. B. V. Ramanan, Founder & CEO, Livia Polymer, Shri. Jahabar Sadique, Founder, Chai Kings and Shri. T. K. Chandiran, Founder, Chennai Silks. Coffee Table Talk is a platform for students to learn from the veterans and an opportunity to interact with them in person and benefit out of their rich experience.

It is a “time to tap the floor”; it is an intra-college annual dance Competition that is conducted as a prelude for Christmas and New Year. This is the day where the campus experiences the dynamism in the field of dance and turns into vibrant GSB Community.